About Fallon

Hi there! My name is Fallon. Welcome to my online galley, which is just a neat word for kitchen. It rhymes pretty nicely with my nickname, don’t you think?


This Fally gal was raised no where else but Wisconsin. The soda vs pop argument is always relevant and Brewer games and State Fairs are a prized past time.

Now, I love to cook! I am certainly not the best, but I like to think so anyway. Now baking? Let’s just say I would rather stick (No pun intended) to the no-bake desserts. Thank goodness there are skilled bakers out there.

If I am not in the kitchen whipping up the next big thing you can find me painting, curling up with a cat, maybe cleaning (yes that’s right) or enjoying time with my family at home or work.

I have two beautiful younger sisters who are strange… very strange in their own way. A mother who is ALWAYS trying new things. A step father who thinks the Iowa Hawkeyes are the greatest team ever, and three stubborn cats.


My Goal

I take great pride in the meal experience at home. There is nothing like having friends and family gather around the table for genuine conversation and good food. What a warm tradition that has been carried on in families all around the world for centuries!

In our daily lives, many families big or small sometimes struggle to put together a home cooked meal. Meal time should not be a chore! Everyone should be able to have resources and knowledge to bring their meals to life.

Everyone is inspired by different things. May it be a family recipe, or a new blender, quirky gadgets, or a seasonal music playlist. From the moment you start preparing your meal to the very moment you wash the last dish, I would like to help everyone in the family be a part of everything in between.

So whip out those whiskers! Plate up on porcelain! Or snack in style! Check out a few recipes, renew your passion, and bring kindness to your kitchen.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

From our galley to yours,

Fallon Kerr


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