Melt in Your Mouth Molasses Cookies

When the colder months roll around, it is that time of year to break out my personal essentials. Apple cinnamon candles, some Sarah McLachlan, warm slippers, and a sweet treat. Some may undeniably go for pumpkin bars or apple pie, or simply a sugar cookie. I am a sucker for molasses cookies.

As a kid, my mother made these every Christmas. These ones are chewy instead of hard like gingersnaps, and the perfect balance of ginger and cinnamon… all the good stuff! Growing into a highly mature, responsible young adult.. this recipe continues to be a must make every holiday season.

This gingersnap recipe is one of 400 recipes from Betty Crocker’s New Christmas Cookbook, published in 1993. While I’ve tried other variations, this is the all time bestest.

Why not preheat your oven and make these bad boys for your upcoming gathering? Find the recipe here. Let me know if this is your new fav! Happy baking!


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